The Breakthrough Technique To Reach The Deepest Levels Of Sleep

As a child, I had no problem sleeping through the noise of freight trains and marching bands, jet planes and alarm clocks. For most of my adult life, too, I’ve been able to drop off immediately and fall into the most wonderful slumber. But occasionally, my mind wanders, leaving me staring at the ceiling. On nights like this, I’ve found a self-hypnotic relaxation technique that allows me to not only slip into dreamtime, but also sleep more deeply.

This is a simple creative visualization method where you comfortably close your eyes, take your focus off the world, and drift into dreamtime. This is a time and a space that you’ve set aside for you, to focus the incredible power of your  mind, to tap into the creative resources of your other than conscious, deep inside your other-than-conscious mind.

Today’s 30-min creative visualization that will allow you to drift into dreamtime. This technique will allow you to enter the deepest levels of sleep knowing that you have relaxed your body and deepened your sense of well being.

You already know that sleep is key to losing weight. Which is why part of my Reshape daily weight loss program is to give you daily meditations to help you easily fall into a peaceful slumber. Plus, you’ll look and feel better than you have in years with daily workouts and meal plans!

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