Hang Out!

Looking for an excuse to just hang out today? You’re in good company!

Hanging from a horizontal bar might sound like child’s play, but it’s a terrific workout. Not only does it improve grip strength and shoulder mobility, but it also strengthens your core and stretches your upper body from your chest to your forearms.

Why is grip strength important?

Studies have shown a connection between grip strength and longevity, suggesting that a strong grip isn’t just about opening stubborn pickle jars. Grip strength is not just a fleeting measure of vitality, it’s one of the most potent indicators of a longer, healthier life. As physician Peter Attia aptly put it, “If your grip is weak, everything upstream of that is weak.”

• Improves grip strength
• Promotes spinal decompression
• Allows for greater shoulder mobility
• Corrects posture
• Stretches the upper body

Let’s monkey around! Here’s an easy and safe way to get started… 

  • Start by leaning away from a parallel bar or sturdy handrail 
  • Pay attention, relax your shoulder blades!
  • When ready, hang from an overhead bar.. but with feet on the ground.
  • Use your legs as little as possible
  • Next, feet just off the ground – but stay in control

Start with 20-second hangs, and over the weeks add five seconds to your time until you work up to a full minute.