Define Ageless


Most people think of their home as a physical address where they live. And yet…your body is where you live first and foremost. Still, most people don’t quite understand their bodies or accept them in all their wonder.

Establishing a connection with your body can help you live with more confidence, more joy and more health.  And, by not ignoring the signals your body is communicating, you can continue to blossom with ageless energy.

Maintaining energy as we age can sometimes feel difficult. In our over-stimulated, tired-and-wired world, our natural rhythms of vibrancy can easily be lost.

If you take a few minutes in the morning to move your body, you can dramatically improve your stamina for the day. 

Before you jump in the shower, use your towel for today’s 5-minute energizing stretch. This dynamic routine preps your body for the day by gradually lengthening the muscles throughout a series of movements. After a night of being “stuck” in a sleeping position, these stretches will help you feel fresh as a daisy by loosening your posture and increasing blood flow.