15-Min Upper Body Barre Toner

As with every healthy habit the key is consistency, both in your training and your nutrition.

Some days, you may only have time to squeeze in a quick ten minute workout, while other days you can fit in a longer strength training circuit, or go for a walk/run.

You can have results or excuses… but not both!

Exercise in a way that serves you, serves your health, serves your body…. without going to extremes.

Finding your own unique version of consistency will be the catalyst to success.

To help be motivated to make movement a part of your everyday routine, find workout routines that your body craves, such as barre, dancing, or pilates.

Want to give barre a try?

Move along with me in today’s low impact, high burn 7-minute barre arms routine. These moves will leave your biceps and shoulders feeling sculpted, lifted and tightened.

Barre is a strength and endurance type of workout that benefits both your physical and mental stamina.

Every small move requires precision and concentration, which enhances your mental clarity and memory. Plus, after a barre workout your brain will be flooded with feel-good, happy hormones!

Barre routines leave no muscle left behind, especially those smaller areas that often get overlooked in other types of training. Not only do barre workouts target your core, quads, arms, shoulders, back and glutes, but, your posture muscles also get a refresher.