FoodGrams FiberServing (cooked)
Bran cereal19.941 cup
Split peas16.271 cup
Lentils15.641 cup
Black beans14.921 cup
Kidney beans13.331 cup
Grapefruit121 medium
Avocado11.841 medium
Green Peas8.841 cup
Raspberries8.341 cup
Soybeans7.621 cup
Kale7.21 cup
Flax seeds6.973 tsp
Whole Wheat Pasta6.341 cup
Barley61 cup
Garbanzo beans5.81 cup
Winter squash5.741 cup
Papaya5.471 whole
Pear5.081 medium
Swiss chard5.041 cup
Apple51 medium
Corn4.661 cup
Broccoli4.51 cup
Cabbage4.21 cup
Almonds4.21/3 cup
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