21-Day Winter Workout Challenge

21-Day Winter Workout Challenge


  • BRAND new, never-before-seen challenge!
  • For 21 days, I’ll send you a new workout every day. From videos to audio workouts, from walking to strength training to barre, your workout will be delivered straight to your email bright and early every morning. And, your first workout will arrive within 24 hours of signing up!
  • I’ll send you a recipe every day for 28 days. Which means, by the time your holiday parties roll around, you’ll have perfected these mouth-watering (and healthier) options.
  • The average workout time is 30 minutes. But, I’ve thrown in a few quick 10-minute workouts on recovery days 🙂
  • The workouts are 100% digital, so there’s no shipping, and you can start today!
  • BONUS: At the end of 21 days, if you’ve completed all the workouts, I’ll send you a FREE DVD of your choice!


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