Small Changes… Big Results!

When it comes to staying healthy and losing weight, small changes add up to big  results! 

Here’s a fit fact… Only 20% of American adults get the recommended amount of physical activity each week.  

According to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, even if you go to the gym each morning, your results can be diminished if you also spend most of the rest of your day sitting.

The more you sit, the higher your chances of negative health consequences.

Research from Dr. David Alter, a heart expert from the University or Toronto and senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute found that people who spend hours sitting each day showed…

• 90% higher risk of developing diabetes than those who sat less

• 18% higher chance of dying of heart disease or cancer

To help lessen the effects of sitting, here are 3 simple ways to stay moving throughout the day… 

1. Be an early riser
After intermittent fasting, sneak in a short 10-minute HIIT circuit. before your first meal. This will burn 20% more fat than if you worked out AFTER a meal. Plus, it improve’s your body’s response to sugar, which helps prevent diabetes.

2. Stay upright
It’s a fact…standing burns more calories! Whether you’re waiting for your computer to turn boot up or joining a conference call, the more you stand, the more calories you’ll burn. Plus, get up every 2 hours for a short walk! Bonus points if you get outside!

3. Potty train
If you find yourself struggling to stay active, the key is to have certain cues that prompt you to move. I’ve found a silly but effective method for staying active throughout the day….it’s called POTTY TRAINING!

All you have to do is commit to performing 20 air squats over the toilet every time you go into the bathroom…hence the term “potty training.” In this example, your cue (going to the bathroom) is prompting you to move (squats).

But before you get started, make sure you have proper form! Check out this video where I guide you step-by-step how to do a PERFECT squat!

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