Practices For A Tranquil Mind

Yoga can be a lifeline, especially for those experiencing anxiety. And now, an increasing number of doctors are recommending yoga as a complementary form of therapy.  Here’s why… Practicing yoga not only calms your thoughts, but it also helps cope with your worries (unlike meds that typically only treat the symptoms).

You and I hold emotions in the solar plexus… a complex of ganglia and radiating nerves of the sympathetic system at the pit of the stomach. The solar plexus is approximately the size of a grape, and it’s where your “gut feelings” arise. If you regularly practice yoga and meditation, your solar plexus is likely 3-4 times the normal size. And, the larger your solar plexus, the greater your intuition and mental stability.

If you’re ready to experience a tranquil mind and heighten your intuition, today’s yoga Sun Salutation sequence is for you.


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