Not Seeing Workout Results? Try This…

You found a workout you love. You’ve seen progress on the scale and you’re starting to see graceful lines from muscles in your arms, abs, and legs. A few months later, you have the workouts practically memorized. But now, the progress seems to be coming at crawling speed. If you’re being consistent, why have you stopped seeing results? 

First, let’s shine a light on the MVPs when it comes to results… stress, nutrition, and sleep.  Research has shown time and time again that your body can’t perform at its peak when you’re tired or stressed to the 9’s. And of course, you already know that your diet affects the number on the scale more than your workout. 

Now, let’s say that you are being diligent about getting a full 8 hours of sleep, and you are practicing your stress-management tools, and you are filling your plate with plant-based foods. First, congratulations! Second, if you’re doing this and still not seeing results, it’s a signal that you may be cutting corners in the routine, or just being unknowingly complacent.

Here’s the great thing about plateaus: With the right game-plan, they can be overcome. plateaus aren’t brick walls – they’re really just hurdles. Plateaus are a normal part of any health journey. Your body adapts to training and learns to meet the challenges you’ve provided in your workouts. That requires you to work harder, or differently, to accomplish the results you’ve experienced in the past.

Plateaus happen. Your job is to be ready for them. The better you understand the way your body works, the better you can bust through the plateau, and achieve the ultimate level of fitness you crave.

Here are 4 changes you can make right away to keep the results coming…

If you’re in a group class and an instructor points out a tip for somebody else in the room, make their correction yourself! So, if the teacher tells the person next to you to dip down one more inch…take that challenge too! Paying attention to how the teacher is helping others will help ensure that your posture is in check and you’re squeezing all the value out of the class.

It may be your 100th time doing a particular workout, but treat each time like it’s your first. If you’re doing an at-home workout (let’s say it’s a Kathy Smith routine 😉 and I say, “squeeze those glutes,” it’s easy to let that go in one ear and out the other, because you’ve heard it so many times. But, paying close attention and having a beginner’s mind will help prevent you from being complacent. Remember, by doing one more lift, one more tuck, and engaging those muscles just a little harder is how you’ll start to see enhanced progress.

It’s been said that switching up your routine can help you see results quickly. Well, that’s true.and sometimes it’s not. If you push yourself to try a completely different routine, you could end up constantly sore and then avoid working out. Let’s not do that. 

Instead, if you stay consistent with your current routine, it will allow you to work deep into the muscles. Start by committing to your favorite workout style 3-4 times a week and then focusing on really making each session count. After all, Cindy Crawford has been doing the same workout for 30 years.

It’s easy to get hung up on the little things — looking at life in terms of calories consumed, ounces gained, and minutes spent on our workout. Rather than this micro view, adopt a macro perspective. Rather than freak out over a down week, look over your shoulder at the landscape behind you. You’ve made some progress, right? Be encouraged.

And don’t forget that as you make slight shifts in your life, a tremendous amount of invisible activity goes on inside your body. Even though you may not see results as quickly as you want on the outside of your body, you are retraining your body’s metabolic pathways to more efficiently metabolize food and burn fat. You are changing your body on both a cellular and a hormonal level. Focus on the positive… Remind yourself that you are still moving forward.


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