Just Dance!

Yesterday was my last night in Paris, and the group celebrated the occasion with a dance party. The laughter was contagious and the energy was explosive! Next stop…I’m walking the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trek through Spain. You can follow along my spiritual pilgrimage on Instagram

 If you are in the mood for some serious DANCING vibes, this 10-minute throwback dance routine will kick off your morning. Just push play and pretend like your living room is a dance floor! 

Classic Workouts Can Turn A Gloomy Day Into A Great One!

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✅Ultimate Video Workout (1984)
✅Body Basics (1985)
✅Winning Workout (1987)
✅Starting Out (1987)
✅Fat Burning Workout (1988)
✅Ultimate Stomach & Thighs (1989)
✅Weight Loss Workout (1990)
✅Instant Workout (1991)
✅March To Fitness (1993)
✅Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning (1996) 
✅Secrets Of A Great Upper Body (1998)
✅ Secrets Of A Great Lower Body  (1998)

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