Facial Yoga – Mouth Exercises

Whether you like to highlight your smile with ruby red lipstick or just a little lip balm, you know your mouth is an important communication tool. In fact, researchers have found that when someone tries to read another person’s facial expression, she relies on the mouth to tell the truth about how someone really feels.

Your mouth often responds to your subconscious feelings, pursing your lips when you’re pondering something or making your lips almost disappear in a tight lock on what’s better left unsaid. All that movement can add up to wrinkles.

A smile is still beautiful, no matter what, but there are natural ways to make your smile lovelier than ever, including – surprise! Exercises. But before we get to that, here are some prevention tips:

It’s important to use sunscreen all over your body, especially on your face whenever you go out.

If you smoke, stop. Next to sun damage, smoking is the biggest offender when it comes to prematurely aging skin. Holding a cigarette in your mouth causes wrinkles and smoking negatively affects collagen production, which is important in maintaining supple skin. You know it’s not healthy, so make today the day you stop.

Get all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients you need through a healthy diet that features lean protein, fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

When you’re not wearing sunscreen, apply moisturizer, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.

Now, on to the exercises. To keep the muscles around your mouth strong and healthy be sure to include cardiovascular exercise in your weekly workout routine in order to improve circulation. Nutrients and fluid are delivered throughout your body by the circulatory system, so make sure your heart is pumping strong with plenty of cardio exercise!

Focused muscle strengthening exercises can improve the appearance of the area around your mouth. These are quick and easy exercises and if you can fit in two of these mouth muscle workouts per day, you’ll see quick results.

Exercise 1

One of your mouth muscles runs all the way around your mouth from just below your nose to just above your chin. This is the muscle that you use to pucker up and close your lips. For a plumper pout and a natural pink lip glow, try this exercise:

Sitting comfortably with good posture, purse your lips and move them toward your nose. Hold for a count of five and relax. Repeat five times.

Exercise 2

Hopefully you remember how to pout. If you were going to take a selfie, it would be called a duck face. Pout your lips and hold for a count of ten. Now pull your lips back and cover your lips. Relax and repeat the exercise five times.

Another mouth muscle runs from your cheekbones to the corners of your mouth. To lift a saggy smile, try this:

Open you mouth wide with your lips covering your teeth, like this. Then purse your lips into a tight O. Hold for a count of five and repeat five times.

Exercise 3

Now let’s strengthen the muscle that will offer natural wrinkle smoothing as it gets stronger.

Place the pads of your fingertips like this on your top lip. Place your thumbs together under your chin and, to the count of five, slide your fingers, toward the corners of your mouth as you curl your upper lip over your teeth. Repeat 10 times.

You can also move to the bottom lip and place your fingers like this and cover the bottom row of teeth with your lower lip.

Give these exercises a try and stick with it to see the results that will bring back your youthful smile!

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