Decompress the Back for Pain Relief and Injury Prevention 

Muscles supporting the vertebrae can get very short and stiff after a day of sitting at a desk, being sedentary and generally working against gravity. Plus, certain exercises such as squats and deadlifts can load the spine.

Incorporating spinal decompressions into your workout hydrates and nourishes the intervertebral discs by elongating the spine. This reduces pressure on the discs and can ease back pain and prevent injury. 

Hanging from a pull-up bar is one of the best ways to decompress the spine. Simply grip the bar with an overhand grip, move your feet off the bench, hang with your arms straight, and stay relaxed. 

To maximize the hang, focus on keeping your shoulders down, engaging your abs and glutes, and breathing deeply through your belly. You can also add a twisting motion with your legs to intensify the stretch.  

This spinal decompression technique is great for the whole body, but especially tight lats. Lats not only play an important role in shoulder function but if tight, they can pull on your lumbar region and contribute to pain in your lower back.

Try today’s 15-minute stretch before or after a workout, after a long day at the office, or whenever you’re back is feeling tight and your lower back will thank you.

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