I love when people have that lightbulb moment where they see their lives differently. I’m talking about that “aha” moment when they see the integration between thoughts, sensations, emotions and movement, and start to enjoy wondrous vitality.

At that point, it finally clicks that wellness and feeling alive in their bodies is about all the little things they do throughout the day…from the morning ritual, to daily movement patterns such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator…from filling their bodies with nutrient foods, and their minds with energizing thoughts.

As I’ve navigated through life, I’ve experienced victories and disappointments. I’ve stood up for causes that I believed in. I’ve taken nosedives and rebounded. And, I discovered that this wondrous life keeps unfolding with new opportunities, challenges, and answers. The more I can tap into my unique contribution and place on the planet, the more I thrive.  For me, that journey of staying vibrant and vital begins with quieting my mind and noticing my thoughts.

Are you ready to tap into infinite energy and vitality? If so, there are simple steps that you can take – immediately.

But first, how is vitality different from energy?

Vitality is defined as “cheerful readiness,” or “animation,” or my favorite – ZEST!! Think of it this way…if your energy is the engine, the motor with the horsepower in your life, then vitality is the key that starts that engine. Vitality is that eagerness, that “cheerful readiness,” that zest to get your engine running.

Energy lives in all of your muscles, your bones, your heart, your lungs. Vitality, I believe, is what lives in your spirit.

You want to be a vital force in your own life, and the lives of the people who you love. And, what’s so wonderful is this…vitality is contagious! It’s hard to be around a zesty person and not feel more animated yourself, don’t you think?

All it takes are small, doable steps to gain this valuable insight and stop the energy zappers from sabotaging your vitality!

Let’s begin with a 10-minute energizing meditation technique. Following along allows you to tap into infinite energy, and focus on your thoughts and reclaim the energy that exists in the mind.

This is simply a creative visualization method where you comfortably close your eyes, take your focus off the world, and live in your imagination.

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