1 Move To Rejuvenate Your Metabolism

Instead of grabbing a cup of caffeine when the afternoon blahs strike, try doing today’s simple movement pattern, The Monster Walk. This bodyweight move will oxygenate your blood cells, which helps refuel your body’s energy take to an all-time high. Plus, it’s the ultimate strength and cardio exercise, targeting the arms, chest, legs and glutes. And, you can do it almost anywhere, because it doesn’t require a large area or any equipment!

Ready to re-energize? Here’s how to do The Monster Walk:

Standing tall, lunge forward on right leg
Place hands on the floor, step back into plank position on either the knees or feet (more advanced? Do a pushup!)
Step both feet forward to hands, reach up the the sky as you come up on toes (more advanced? Jump in the air)
Turn around and repeat on other side.
Here’s how to tailor this move based on your time-frame:

When you have 1 minute…

See how many reps you can do!

When you have 2 minutes…

Do 1 minute as quickly as possible without compromising your form, and one minute slow and controlled.

When you have 5 minutes…

Do 1 minute as quickly as possible without compromising your form. In your second minute, slow down the pace, and focus on keeping the core engaged during the controlled movements. During the third minute, hold each move for 10 seconds. Then, repeat minute one and two.

Time For a Tune-Up?

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