Burn Even MORE Calories With This Move

If you still find yourself grazing on post-Halloween goodies, it’s time to get up and burn extra calories! Below, I’ll show you 1 deceptively simple cardio movement that’s ultimate the full-body exercise, targeting the arms, chest, legs and glutes….the “Mountain Climber!” And, you can do it almost anywhere, because it doesn’t require a large area or any special equipment!


Mountain Climbers

What it does:

This deceptively simple movement is the ultimate full-body exercise, targeting the arms, chest, legs and glutes.

How to do it:

• Standing tall, reach both hands up high toward the ceiling, keeping the core firm.

• Reach down and place both hands on the right leg to support yourself as you start to bend the right leg. At the same time, take the right leg back behind you into a lunge position, toes on the floor, back knees slightly bent.

• Return to standing, and again reach both hands up toward the ceiling as you lift up on your toes.

• Repeat on the other side: Resting hands on the left leg, bending the left leg as you bring the right leg behind you in a lunge position.

• Next, instead of resting your hands on your leg, bring them down to the floor as you bring the left leg back behind you.

• Bring the left leg back in, followed by the right, and return to standing, and reach up to the sky.

• Repeat on the other side: Rest both hands on the floor as you take the left leg back behind you, and then return to stand and reach.


• If it’s uncomfortable to take your hands all the way down to the floor, just stick with the first part of the move, resting the hands on the front leg as the back leg lunges back.


• Add some propulsion: When you return to standing, use your calf muscles to lift up on your tiptoes.

• You can also add a push-up when you get into plank position, similar to the Burpee (see the next move).

Why Do I Need Cardiovascular Activity?

Cardiovascular activity can not only burn tons of calories, but also expand your lung capacity, flex your heart muscle, and release those oh-so-fabulous endorphins into the brain! But many people fall into a habitual cardio routine, doing the same activity day after day. Your body is a remarkable machine and adapts quickly so doing the same routine repeatedly without varying your activities doesn’t allow your body to burn maximum fat and calories!

Fortunately, cardio is the most versatile for fitness. You can get really creative – from power-walks to hiking, hip-shaking salsa and belly dancing to training for a marathon. It’s important to learn new ways to make cardio workouts more exciting and effective, as well as open your mind to different activities and sports. Cardiovascular training is literally “training your heart.”

Here’s to your health!


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