Build Your Glutes…While Walking!

If you thought walking was a simple workout that doesn’t make a true shift on the scale, listen to this…. walking counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes (the genetics you inherited that contribute to body weight). The latest research from Harvard discovered that when participants walked about an hour a day, the effects of their weight-promoting genes were cut in HALF.

I’ve helped women lose more than 150 pounds by incorporating walking into their routine. Learning to use proper walking form will engage your core, allow you to take full breaths, reduce your risk of injury, and increase your speed and power. Turn your walk into a workout with these 4 posture tips…


Posture –
Stand tall; imagine a string coming from the top of your head pulling you up. Then tilt your body forward slightly from the ankles, not the hips or waist. Don’t arch your lower back or stick your butt out. Keep your spine in a neutral position by contracting your abdominals.

Head Position –
Don’t tilt your head from side to side, and don’t drop your chin forward. Your eyes should focus straight ahead and not on your feet, so you don’t strain your neck.

Shoulders –
Your shoulders should be down and back; open your chest for easier, deeper breathing. As you walk, check your shoulders regularly. Are you slouching? Are your shoulders creeping up toward your ears?

Arms –
Let your arms swing freely, but with purpose. This improves balance, increases circulation, and burns more calories. Swing your arms forward, not across your body. Imagine your body on a clock face, viewed from the side, with your head at twelve o’clock. Your arms should swing from seven o’clock (just behind your hips) to four o’clock (about belly button height).


Did you know that you can build your glutes while walking? The trick is to incorporate what I call the “heel-toe push.” To perform this technique, keep your heel down on your trailing leg as long as possible. As you step, avoid lifting your heel on the leg behind you until you have to. At the end of your stride, really push off with your toes, to propel your body forward (not upward). This forces your glutes to engage, toning those buns as you walk.


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