Best Ab Workout Ever

15 Mins. Extremely Efficient. 

Exciting news… Next week, I’m launching a BRAND NEW FLAT ABS program! All I can tell you is that it’s a day-by-day, step-by-step eating and workout plan to get flat abs for life. Stay tuned 😊 

Until then, try this 15-minute ab & back routine. This workout is extremely efficient at fine-tuning all the muscles of your core, including your back. Remember, everything from bad posture to overeating can damage your abdominal muscles. So if you want a strong midsection, it’s important to think about the lower back, because the lower back and abs go hand-in-hand.

Outsmart Belly Fat and Change The Way You Age

Why is FLAT ABS OVER 40 so powerful? Because it incorporates the three major elements to building a strong core, having flat abs, and looking and feeling younger… and it’s all right here!

​Here’s How FLAT ABS OVER 40 Works…

​ABS-olutely amazing core exercises for flat abs…and designed for every fitness level! Flat Abs Over 40 includes the right mix of ab exercises that work together to tone the entire area from every angle so you can have a strong, sleek, midsection.

The 10-min ab-centric workouts focus on the muscles in your  “powerhouse,” which is everything that lives below your ribs to your glutes, including all of your ab and lower back muscles. Having a strong midsection makes a stable foundation for every other activity. Yes, that means it makes squats and burpees easier.

No matter how tight your core is, you still need to burn the fat that lies above (subcutaneous) and below (visceral) your abdominal muscles. Visceral fat doesn’t just give you a big belly…it can lead to chronic illnesses, some of them potentially deadly. And viseral fat is harder to get rid of. 

You’ll tackle visceral fat with High Intensity Interval Training… the best belly-fat targeting method. People who interval train have far more fat loss compared with endurance trainers. These super-workouts will help you reach your goals faster. 

Flat Abs Over 40 includes a day-by-day 8-week meal plan that takes the guesswork out of eating. Nothing could be easier, because the plan shows you exactly what to eat for each meal of the day. Plus, recipes that are mouthwatering, but not too-taxing on your time or budget. With 100+ no-hassle recipes, there are plenty of great options that you’ll be sure to love. 

Only $37