7 Ways To Make Your Workouts FUN Again

Sometimes, it can feel like every time you go to the gym, you’re stuck in a rat race…doing the same routine over and over again. You’re pushing yourself, but you’re just tired of the same ol’ stuff.

You’re not alone!  If you find yourself tiring of your regular habits, I’ve got your back….and your abs, and arms, and legs 🙂

For me exercising is fun. When I jump onto the treadmill, I start feeling creative and thinking about my next project. During strength training, I enjoy visualizing how my body is working. But I realize that’s not the case for everyone, and staying motivated can be a challenge. And let’s face it, if you lose interest then your commitment is tested and finding excuses to skip the gym can become all too easy.

• Reorder Your Routine

Most of us are creatures of habit and fall into certain patterns, but it can be refreshing to mix things up. If you always start your workout by concentrating on your upper body, switch the order and work your lower body first. Then take it a step further. Instead of doing your quads first, exercise your hamstrings.

• Exchange Equipment

Every six to eight weeks, change your exercise routine by doing something different. If you’ve been focusing on strength training, take a break and try Pilates or yoga. You can even use different equipment. When you go to the gym, walk by the big weight machines and reach for a band or ball. If you’ve been doing the elliptical, give spinning a try. Learning something new can keep your interest piqued.

• Kick It Up A Notch

If you enjoy what you’re doing, but wish you were getting better results, step up your program. For example, push your cardio by going longer or faster and adding some intervals. For strength training, up the number of repetitions for each move or increase the amount of weight. Either way, your muscles get the message that something’s different and they need to engage some more in order to keep up.

• Pick Up A New Class Schedule

If you feel like something’s off, check out your environment. It may be time to change your surroundings. I do this by trying a new class. For example, Orange Theory just opened up a new location in Park City, so I walked in, picked up a new schedule, and signed up for a class. The anticipation of a new environment, new playlists and new instructors gives me a chance to experiment and switch things up. Whether it’s going outside and reconnecting with Mother Nature or trying a new class, don’t be afraid to try something new.

• Give Back To The Community

There are all kinds of community events you can sign up for, like a 10k or half-marathon fundraiser. When you’re working toward a bigger cause it helps keep you motivated because you are more invested. Also, they’re great opportunities to challenge your friends, family and coworkers to join you in the race!

• Partner Up

Sometimes you may enjoy the solitude of exercising on your own because it’s a chance to decompress. Other times you might want someone else along for the ride. Having a workout buddy can make it harder to bail because you’ve made a promise to someone else. Plus, exercising together makes the experience more social—you can catch up on movies you’ve seen, talk out relationship problems or work issues, or just chat as you go.

• Revise Goals

What is it you want from exercising? Working out can mean different things to different people at different points in their lives. It can make you strong, toned, and empowered. A workout can burn calories, get you in nature, and connect you with friends. You can exercise to feel young, alive, and sexy. The best part is that you get to decide what you need right now. You can shift and change your workout depending on how you’re feeling.

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