Are you ready to put that cushion you sit on all day to work!?

If you’re all-in, then let’s (excuse the pun) round out your glute routine and strengthen your buns with the 4 moves in today’s video.

I’m challenging you, right here, right now, to do these moves five times this week. And while the moves may seem simple, they will still pack an incredible punch.

I promise that simply trying this routine will give you that “self confidence high” that will have you coming back for more.

And the best part?

No excuses and zero intimidation factor. This versatile workout requires only a few feet of space and a step, so your at-home tush-toning gym can be a small space in your living room or bedroom.

Ready to see a difference in your jeans? Let’s go!

Strong, Slim Legs & Buns In 30 Days With The Lift Weights To Lose Weight Program!

The 30 Day Lift Weights To Lose Weight Program Includes

  • Ageless Staying Strong DVD – Reset your body with four 15-minute workouts! This target-training DVD sculpts your arms, legs, glutes and core while using light weights. The progression of exercises are designed to give you maximum results in record time.
  • Lift Weights To Lose Weight DVD -Two 20-min upper and lower body tightening workouts to tone your entire figure and boost your metabolism!
  • Lift Weights To Lose Weight 2 DVD – 50-Min workout that includes the best of weight training with a Pilates twist!
  • 30-Day Calendar – Take the guesswork out of exercise! This 30-day guide shows you exactly what workout to do each day.
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