3 Moves Proven To Transform Your Triceps

What can you do about flabby arms? Plenty! Often, the “flab” at the back of the arm is really just untrained muscle. Most of us do store some fat in that area, but you can make a tremendous difference just by training your triceps (the back of your upper arm).

Most of us have relatively weak triceps because this muscle doesn’t get much action on a day-to-day basis. You use your triceps every time you push — whether you’re pushing away from a table or pushing a box up onto a high shelf. But think about it: How much time do you spend pushing something heavy enough to give you muscle tone? 

Tricep exercises will give your arms that sculpted shape without making them look bulky. Meanwhile, you’ll be doing your elbow joints a favor. With most of us, the triceps are overpowered by the biceps (the muscle at the front of the upper arm). This combination of weak triceps and strong biceps can leave you more prone to elbow injuries. The three exercises in the video above with give you firm, toned arms you’ll be proud of for summer.


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