3 Keys to Losing Weight After 40

Remember the good ol’ days of being able to eat doughnuts on a Saturday morning and not have to worry about gaining a pound? By now, your eating habits have probably taken a turn for the better, but for some reason, the pesky pounds are still accumulating.

With age comes wisdom, and it also brings a lot of activities that call for your energy and time, which can make it easy to put exercise and nutritious eating at the bottom of your to-do list.

Here are two time-saving tricks to help tap into your natural biology and lose weight after 40

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Strength routines becomes more important for with every passing year. That’s because of a process I like to call “The Great Decline.” Starting around age 30, you can lose three to five percent of your muscle mass each decade if you don’t stay active. You start to lose bone density, your energy gets depleted, and you become more prone to chronic illness. The key to reversing the Great Decline is strength training.

Of course, don’t forget your cardio! Supplementing your aerobic activity with strength training is essential.

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From Keto to Paleo… from Mediterranean to Vegan, it’s important to not force yourself to get on-board with the most popular plan. There are a variety of ways to lose weight, many with science supporting their claims. What’s most important is that you follow a plan that is tailord to your specific body and lifestyle. For example, if you are constantly on-the-go, keto may not be the right fit for you.

Feeling overwhelmed? Start with shortening the time you eat to an 8-hour window, or creating a boundary for yourself where you stop eating after 7pm. Small shifts can make a big difference!

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First things first…With the right level of moderation, alcohol can be part of your healthy lifestyle. I love to enjoy an occasional glass of wine just as much as anyone, but if you start to overdo it, alcohol certainly has negative side effects on your entire system.

Liquid calories are often the most dangerous, especially when it comes to sugary drinks. That’s because liquid sugars hit the liver even faster than solid foods – and the faster fructose hits the liver, the higher the chances that the liver will convert it to fat. That’s why sodas containing high fructose corn syrup are to be avoided at all costs. But even freshly-squeezed fruit juice can wreak havoc on our blood sugar because of its high Glycemic Index, a system that calculates foods’ effect on our blood sugar. So while orange juice is a great source of Vitamin C, it’s completely stripped of the fiber found in whole oranges, which means when we drink it, a blood sugar spike is right around the corner.

Nothing beats water, of course – but if you’d like to “jazz up” your daily water intake, try infusing it with some fruit or veggies. Sliced lemons, limes, cucumbers, and even strawberries can lend some flavor to a pitcher of water without adding sugar and calories. Herbal tea is another great option – and if you’re craving juice, try cutting it with sparkling water so that you can still enjoy the fruity sweetness without putting yourself back on the blood sugar roller coaster.

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