Want To Drop Pounds? Add These 7 Game-Changing Ingredients To Your Smoothie

When losing weight is your goal, remember this….consistency, consistency, consistency. A new study shows that thick, lower-calorie protein shakes can actually keep you satisfied for longer than a high-calorie thin shake can.  It’s a double-whammy…a low-calorie option that doesn’t leave you starving 20-minutes later.

Still, designing a healthy smoothie with milkshake-like consistency can be a challenge. Here are 7 delicious add-ons to thicken up your shake for powerful results…

1 Tbsp Plain Almond Butter (95 Cals)

Just a spoonful of plain almond butter (I use Justin’s) and you’ll fill up with healthy Omega-3s, AND punch in some extra protein to your blend!

1/2 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt (65 Cals)

This is the ultimate protein shake thickener….and, it’s delicious creamy texture gives you 10% of your daily calcium needs.

2 Tbsp Coconut Powder (60 Cals)

With a slight coconut taste, this gluten-free powder has 5 grams of fiber while amplifying its taste.

2 Tbsp Hemp or Flax Seeds (Apx 90 Cals)

Their subtle nutty taste contain a balanced amount of heart-healthy omega 3’s and omega 6’s…which make them an exceptional addition to any shake!

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds (63 Cals)

This super food is a “whole grain,” and are naturally gluten-free. But despite their small size, they’re loaded with fiber, protein, Omege-3 fatty acids. And, they expand in water to make your shake more substantial!

1/4 Avocado (80 Calories)

Also known as “butter fruit,” the versatile avocado is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Plus, their texture is smooth which instantly thickens your smoothie.

1/2 Frozen Banana (55 Cals)

This sweet treat will trick you into thinking your shake isn’t healthy! But, because bananas are packed with fiber, they’ll help you fight off hunger pangs.


I consider myself a pro when it comes to protein shakes. Years ago, I began training for a marathon and the workouts were intense! In order to keep my training program at its peak, I needed something to give me extra energy and muscle-repairing nutrients. So I began drinking protein shakes each day. What a difference it made! Decades later, one of my secrets to living a vibrant, healthy life is having a protein shake on a regular basis. It’s a simple thing to do, but it has energizing effects! I’m excited to share this key to optimal health by introducing a protein shake I know is clean, natural, and delicious…Introducing the KATHY SMITH PROTEIN SHAKE!
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