Fast-Track To SLEEK ARMS

Even though summer is winding down and shortly we will be wearing more layers, September is a perfect time to re-establish a routine for your upper body. Visual satisfaction is just one of the benefits of having toned arms. Remember, these are the muscles you use for all your daily activities… life just got a little easier 😉Having strong arms is so important for maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

Twice a week, spend 15 minutes strengthening and toning your arms. Start with today’s barre-style 

This routine incorporates traditional strength training moves, for example, a bicep curl, where the muscle stretches then shortens. The bonus is that it hyper-focused moves that deeply activate the muscles. That means it includes small, isolated contractions where the muscle tenses without changing length.

Although the small, concentrated movements appear easy at first, trust me…you’ll find them a surprising addition that will help your arms defy gravity! 

The magic about barre workouts is they use light weights (1-5 lbs) with increased repetitions. A study published in the New York Times shows that people who lift relatively light weights can build just as much strength and lean muscle as those who prefer strength training sessions with heavier weights.

The one condition is that whether you’re lifting 5 pounds for 20 reps, or 20 pounds for 5 reps, you need to go to failure. Meaning, you’re pushing through until that last repetition! 

There’s nothing quite like having a strong upper body… it makes you feel good in the body, and in the mind. 


• Barre Body Lift – This Barre-style workout uses a series of small, concentrated movements designed to lift, tighten and sculpt your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

• Ultimate Sculpt – The most effective and efficient way to work your body using functional training. Ultimate Sculpt’s unique “clock” method targets your arms from every angle.

• Body Boomers – This strength and balance workout is designed to tighten your upper body while maintaining bone density.

• BONUS 6-Week Calendar – Take the guesswork out of exercise! This 6-week guide shows you exactly what workout to do each day. 

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