Fast-Track To SLEEK ARMS

What’s your first thought when I say “barre workout?” Your mind probably goes immediately to the lower body…ballerina buns, strong calves, and toned thighs. But, today’s barre routine incorporates some serious moves to shape your upper body.

The secret to sculpting strong, sleek arms? Hyper-focused moves that deeply activate the muscles. I’ve designed today’s 7-min upper body-transforming barre workout with the intention that every time you finish, you’ll feel strengthened, toned and balanced.

This routine incorporates light hand weights to fire up the shoulders, biceps and triceps. And although you might not think that using 2-5 lb weights will make a difference in your physique, think again. A recent study showed that lifting light weights can be equally as effective as picking up the heavier dumbbells. The trick is, you need to go to failure. Meaning, you’re pushing through until that last repetition!


• Barre Body Lift – This Barre-style workout uses a series of small, concentrated movements designed to lift, tighten and sculpt your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

• Ultimate Sculpt – The most effective and efficient way to work your body using functional training. Ultimate Sculpt’s unique “clock” method targets your arms from every angle.

• Body Boomers – This strength and balance workout is designed to tighten your upper body while maintaining bone density.

• BONUS 6-Week Calendar – Take the guesswork out of exercise! This 6-week guide shows you exactly what workout to do each day. 

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