Yoga For Strength Training

The past few weeks, we’ve been digging into one of my favorite topics – strength training. (If you missed it, start here for 10 Reasons To Strength Train At ANY Age.)

But today, I want to dive into an element of strength training that you may not have thought about before…yoga.

Yoga is so much more than just a flexibility routine. Yoga’s an integrative practice that focuses on bodyweight bearing exercises that strengthens your entire body.

Here’s the difference…A classic dumbbell routine emphasizes concentric contractions (the muscle contracts when it shortens) whereas many yoga poses are held statically or isometrically. Transitioning to the next yoga pose requires eccentric or lengthening contractions, which gives your muscles a long, lean look.

Today, I’ll show you a 3-minute video with yoga poses that strengthen your entire body. Because these moves require you to hold your own body weight against gravity, you’ll feel the intensity and enjoy a stronger, leaner body…and a calmer mind.

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