2 Moves To Improve Your Posture

The saying “practice makes perfect” applies to everything in life…including POSTURE! Having a straight posture doesn’t just make you look thinner, but it also can help prevent headaches as well as shoulder and lower back pain. So if you find... read more

10-Min Workout To Transform Every Inch

Excuses create more excuses… especially when it comes to skipping a workout! Research shows that missing just one workout increases your odds of skipping another…and another…by 61%. That’s why it’s important to always have a super quick,... read more
Summer Body Plan

Summer Body Plan

Instructions: Holding a dumbbell in each hand, start with a squat: Engage your core as you slowly lower the hips toward the floor as if you’re sitting back into a chair. Sink down low, forming a 90-degree angle with your lower body and the floor, but make sure your... read more


A few weeks ago, I stepped into “THE BOX,” ready to conquer a Crossfit workout here in Park City. The alternative equipment and seemingly tire-sized weights were intimidating, but after 20 minutes of pushing myself to my max, my endorphins were flowing and I was... read more
Burn and Firm…FAST.  5 MOVES. 15 MINS. DONE.

Burn and Firm…FAST. 5 MOVES. 15 MINS. DONE.

Today, I’m SO excited to show you a new total body weekend workout. This video routine is an easy way to maintain strength training through a busy summer. Yes, you CAN do it all – not miss out on summer fun and still stay on track with your fitness goals.... read more

The No-Time Holiday Workout

With little free time to yourself this upcoming holiday season, and lots of family holiday activities, most people can still find 10 minutes to squeeze in a short workout. And actually, that’s plenty of time to rev up your metabolism and keep you lean. Between... read more
Kick Up Your Energy To An All-Time High

Kick Up Your Energy To An All-Time High

Instead of grabbing a cup of caffeine when the afternoon blahs strike, try doing today’s simple movement pattern, The Monster Walk. This bodyweight move will oxygenate your blood cells, which helps refuel your body’s energy take to an all-time high. Plus,... read more

Work THIS muscle & look slim…instantly!

There’s one area of the body that most of us overlook, and working it can can make you look slim almost instantly. Naturally, we focus on toning the muscles we can see — our abs, legs, arms, chest, and shoulders. People don’t go around saying,... read more

The Ultimate Calorie-Torching Time Saver!

If you’re tight on time (and who isn’t?), the ultimate circuit workout in today’s blog will become your new favorite! Get ready to crank up your calorie burn with this total-body combo workout filled with cardio and strength training to target your... read more