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4 Mouthwatering and Low-Sugar Protein Shake Recipes

4 Mouthwatering and Low-Sugar Protein Shake Recipes I LOVE SMOOTHIES! Healthy protein smoothies are the cornerstone of jumpstarting your weight loss and flattening your abs. Even weight loss smoothies that claim to be “healthy” can be full of sugar and empty calories. These four easy smoothie recipes will supply you with proper nutrients (even when you’re……Read More

100% Vitality in 6 Minutes

100% Vitality in 6 Minutes Feeling 100 percent alive requires the freely circulating flow of movement and energy and fluids in the body. From the synovial fluid that lubricates our joints, to our spinal fluid, to the water passing through our system and cleansing it of waste products, to lymph fluid and blood—anything that promotes circulation, promotes life. As we start to get older,……Read More

Exercises To Do At Work

Exercises To Do At Work By far, one of the most popular excuses for not working out is lack of time. It goes without saying that we all have hectic lives. But when you get to a point that you can’t find 15 or 20 minutes each day for yourself, you’ve got to stop and……Read More

1 Missing Link to Flat, Firm, and Fabulous Abs

1 Missing Link to Flat, Firm, and Fabulous Abs Don’t you love when you notice the results from working out and eating healthier? You catch a glimpse of new definition in your arms and your legs and all the effort is worth it. But if you’re still noticing some tummy jiggle, you’re not alone. And……Read More


WALKING Can BURN MORE CALORIES Than Running! Summer’s unofficial kickoff – Memorial Day weekend – is just around the corner! Time to make good on those winter promises of gardens that include home-grown fruits and veggies and outdoor fitness activities. Before you heat up the BBQ with friends and family, celebrate the start of summer by enjoying……Read More

ABCs To Knockout Abs

ABCs To Knockout Abs Who hasn’t been chasing firm abs since their teens? For men, it’s the chiseled 6-pack. For women, it’s all about getting rid of the lower belly pooch. Sure, a toned midsection looks great, but the real reason you want strong abdominal muscles is because every movement originates from the core. But……Read More

7 Tricks to Bust Out of a Weight-Loss Plateau

7 Tricks to Bust Out of a Weight-Loss Plateau Far too many of us have thrown ourselves into a diet and exercise program, only to burn out and lose our motivation all too quickly. After a week or two of noticeable changes, those exciting results seem to have slowed down – and with them, our motivation.……Read More

LISTEN & LOSE… The EASY Way To Walk Off 3x More Fat!

LISTEN & LOSE… The EASY Way To Walk Off 3x More Fat! It’s time to discover the easiest weight loss secret to shed extra pounds — especially around your belly…it’s called listen and lose! By plugging in your earbuds and walking with my guided audio workouts, you’ll find yourself wanting to tie up your shoes……Read More

Stop The “Shoulds!”

Stop The “Shoulds!” Imagine you’ve come to one of those crossroads in the day when you’re not sure exactly what to do with yourself. I should go for a walk. I should eat something. I should clean the house. Stop the “shoulds” for a moment. Try listening to your body without imposing any ideas on……Read More

Step Your Way To Strong, Slim and Sexy!

Step Your Way To Strong, Slim and Sexy! Who says you can’t torch fat and calories while strength training? It’s time to dust off one throwback piece of equipment that will help you do just that…the step! It’s one of the most versatile, yet under-used, pieces of equipment in the gym. Today’s workout gives a……Read More