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3-min Energizing Warm-up [VIDEO]

5-min Energizing Warm-up [VIDEO] Every day, our sense of inner peace vies with the stresses outside. I think of this as a spiritual bank account: Our healthy, self-nurturing habits build it up, and stress siphons it down. At times when we’re feeling especially good, it’s human nature to take on too much, stay up too late,……Read More

Are you getting enough sun?

Are you getting enough sun? It’s the weekend and the sun is out, which is a perfect excuse to catch some rays and focus on your vitamin D intake for the next few days. But don’t leave behind your sunglasses and protective gear…Today, you’ll learn the perfect combination for protecting your skin while still allowing……Read More

Q&A With Kathy Smith

(DID YOU KNOW that you can burn 300 calories in one 20-minute kettlebell workout? Plus, kettlebell purchases come with FREE SHIPPING? Click here to pick out your set!) Q: I’m too tired to workout! Can I just skip my exercise routine today? KS: Remember, for most people, the first five minutes is always the hardest! On……Read More

2-Week Summer Slimdown Plan

Kathy Smith’s 2-Week Summer Slimdown Plan A 2-Week Protein Shake Diet Plan To Lose Up To 11 lbs. As featured on the cover of Women’s World Magazine (BONUS: Today only, get a FREE downloadable workout video of your choice with any Protein Shake Diet Plan purchase!) Introducing my 2-Week Summer Slimdown Plan: This summer slimdown is a protein……Read More

Everything You Need To Know About H.I.I.T. Workouts

Everything You Need To Know About H.I.I.T. Workouts (DID YOU KNOW – You can download my award-winning HIIT walking workouts straight to your phone! Whether it’s a fat-burning outdoor walk or calorie-blasting treadmill workout, this is a MUST-HAVE! Click here for more info.) When it comes to modern approaches for weight loss and all-day energy,……Read More

2 New “TWISTS” on Abs

2 New “TWISTS” on Abs (Plus, don’t miss the 30-Days To Your Best Abs Ever Challenge! Click here for more info.) We see photos of Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston in bikinis and wonder: Can I look that great in a bikini after 40? Absolutely. After 40, it may not be about having washboard abs. Working out……Read More

What To Do When Your Weight Loss Plateaus [VIDEO]

What To Do When Your Weight Loss Plateaus (DID YOU KNOW: The quickest way to get out of a plateau is with interval training! Amp up your workouts with my award-winning interval walking audio workouts! Click here for more info.) Far too many of us have thrown ourselves into a diet and exercise program, only to……Read More

5 Sneaky Ways To Tighten Your Backside

5 Sneaky Ways To Tighten Your Backside  (BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – the Stay Firm Lower Body Kit is back to give you thinner thighs in only 3 weeks! Click here to get yours today!)   Put your rear into high gear, and work your way towards a “Brazilian Butt!” Instead of wishing those extra……Read More

The Easiest Way To Drop 1 Dress Size

The Easiest Way To Drop 1 Dress Size  (Plus, if you want to torch 3,000 calories a week, you need to join the NEW 30 Day Weight Loss Walking Challenge now! Click here to join.) If you’re looking to lose a dress size for that upcoming summer wedding, the easiest way to get started is……Read More

FREE 5-Minute Rejuvenating Stretch Routine [VIDEO]

FREE 5-Minute Rejuvenating Stretch Routine [VIDEO] Video clip from from Shed The Pounds Re-energizing Affirmation: Life is an amazing gift. The way I live and move and love my being shows my appreciation for all I’ve been given.  Loving life is the source of my joy and freedom. It keeps me connected to my soul.……Read More