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How To Live a Fit and Health Life On A Budget

How To Live a Fit and Healthy Life On A Budget Now that the excitement of a summer holiday weekend has died down, you might have time to refocus on fitness goals. It’s always fun to try new workout classes, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and fresh recipes featuring the latest superfood. But it can be a……Read More

Burn Calories For HOURS After Your Workout!

Sneaky Little Trick To Blast Belly Fat!   Shrinking the midsection is a common fitness goal, especially for women who are noticing a waistline thickening as they age. One effective way to burn abdominal fat is with high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT adds short bursts of high intensity movement to a workout. For instance,……Read More


The YOU-CAN-DO-IT SLEEK ARMS LEAN LEGS FIRM BUTT Exercise A few weeks ago, I stepped into “THE BOX,” ready to conquer a Crossfit workout here in Park City. The alternative equipment and seemingly tire-sized weights were intimidating, but after 20 minutes of pushing myself to my max, my endorphins were flowing and I was hooked……Read More

5 Best Lower Body Toning Tips & Tricks

5 Best Lower Body Toning Tips & Tricks Women ask me about trimming their inner thighs almost as much as they ask about banishing belly fat, whether or not it’s okay to eat carbs, and the true meaning of life. Let’s start with your thighs because there are easy things you can do to really……Read More

4 New Protein Shake Recipes

How To Make The Perfect Protein Shake (Plus, 4 NEW Summer-Savory Smoothie Recipes!) Wow, what a fun-filled week it’s been! A few of my family members were in town, and we spent time sightseeing around Park City, hiking waterfalls, and, of course, drinking protein shakes along the way! I firmly believe that good protein shakes……Read More

Slim Walk Sneak Peek

Slim Walk Sneak Peek My brand NEW walking audios are called “Slim Walk” for a reason. The Slim Walk interval training indoor/outdoor workouts helps you walk off 3x more fat. And once you get started, whether it’s this morning or tomorrow evening, shedding extra pounds is quicker and far easier than you ever dreamed possible.……Read More

NEW Weekend Workout Video!

Burn and Firm…FAST.  5 MOVES. 15 MINS. DONE. Today, I’m SO excited to show you a new total body weekend workout. This video routine is an easy way to maintain strength training through a busy summer. Yes, you CAN do it all – not miss out on summer fun and still stay on track with your fitness……Read More

The 5 Foods that Are Making You Bloated

The 5 Foods that Are Making You Bloated Summer is often the time you take a closer look at your reflection in the mirror. You love summer weather, but that means fewer clothes to hide occasional bloating. Not only does bloating feel uncomfortable, it also makes you look heavier than you actually are. What Causes……Read More

4 Mouthwatering and Low-Sugar Protein Shake Recipes

4 Mouthwatering and Low-Sugar Protein Shake Recipes I LOVE SMOOTHIES! Healthy protein smoothies are the cornerstone of jumpstarting your weight loss and flattening your abs. Even weight loss smoothies that claim to be “healthy” can be full of sugar and empty calories…which can be killing you! For most of us, our relationship with sugar is bittersweet.……Read More

100% Vitality in 6 Minutes

100% Vitality in 6 Minutes Feeling 100 percent alive requires the freely circulating flow of movement and energy and fluids in the body. From the synovial fluid that lubricates our joints, to our spinal fluid, to the water passing through our system and cleansing it of waste products, to lymph fluid and blood—anything that promotes circulation, promotes life. As we start to get older,……Read More