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Full-Body Energizing Technique

Full-Body Energizing Technique When people first start to exercise, they’re often motivated by the obvious: toned abs, dropping some pounds, etc. But what keeps you (and me) coming back for more, in the long run, is something a little less superficial, and a lot more powerful: The amazing rejuvenating power of exercise. Nothing else provides……Read More

The No-Excuse Backyard Workout

The No-Excuse Backyard Workout This weekend, skip the gym. (Seriously!) Most of us focus on trying to find time for a 30-minute workout, and yet, moving throughout the day is just as important. Don’t get me wrong…the last thing I want to do is discourage anyone from devoting time to exercise. But what if I……Read More

4 Ways Exercise Knocks Years Off Your Looks

4 Ways Exercise Knocks Years Off Your Looks There’s no doubt about it… looking young is more desirable then ever. From beauty products to healthy diets, people have always wondered what they can do to defy aging. . I get asked all the time….can exercise keep you young? Here’s the short answer…maintaining a regular exercise……Read More

3 Minutes To Vitality

3 Minutes To Vitality Are you ready to wake up feeling energized, lucid, and empowered? Join me for today’s 3-minute stretch and flex video to feel more alive and full of vitality. From my NEW DVD, FastFitReading morning positive thoughts are part of my daily ritual. Here’s one of my favorites: Vitality is coursing through……Read More

The Best Anti-Aging Secrets To Feel 20 Years Younger

The Best Anti-Aging Secrets To Feel 20 Years Younger The key to feeling youthful is feeling energetic! And, the road to vitality can be fun, effortless, and best of all….almost instantaneous!  Someone shared a quote with me that I love, and it’s based on something Marlene Dietrich once said, ”PLASTIC SURGERY can take 20 years off your face……Read More

Burn 300 Calories In 20 Minutes With Kettlebells

Burn 300 Calories In 20 Minutes With Kettlebells If you’ve glanced at the intimidating kettlebells at your gym and couldn’t fathom a practical use for them, keep reading. A shocking new study found that people who performed a 20-min kettlebell workout blasted almost 300 calories! And that’s just for starters! Don’t forget to factor in the……Read More

Fox13 News | Booming Forward With Dave Nemeth

Fit Forever With Kathy Smith Perhaps the best description of Kathy Smith would be “fitness icon.” She’s one of the most recognized fitness experts to ever reach out to the masses and share her inspiring and upbeat methods for getting and staying fit…regardless of your age. “I believe age is just a number. People focus……Read More

Heart-Healthy Asian-Glazed Salmon Recipe

Heart-Healthy Asian-Glazed Salmon Recipe Ingredients: 3 tbsp white or yellow miso (soy bean paste) 3 tbsp minced fresh ginger 2 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce 2 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons water nonstick canola oil cooking spray 4 salmon filets (4 to 6 oz each) chopped scallions Directions: 1. Preheat boiler. 2. Combine……Read More

Are You At Risk? Secrets About Your Heart That You MUST Know

Are You At Risk? Secrets About Your Heart That You MUST Know HEART-HEALTHY TIP: Keep your body strong and your heart healthy! The perfect triangle of a healthy heart consists of cardio, strength training and yoga, which are all included in my NEW Heart Healthy Kit! 50% OFF today! Learn More> February is American Heart……Read More

How To Lose Weight Like A Guy

How To Lose Weight Like A Guy BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Tone your muscles, speed up your metabolism, and burn more calories all day long with the Staying Strong Kit! Intrigued? Click here. Does it ever seem like men seem to lose weight overnight…without even trying, and you gain weight by simply glancing at a……Read More